Tampa lawyer Steve Yerrid's inspirational new book on the New York Yankees hits bookstores on May 14

TAMPA. Fla. (May 14, 2011) -- The Making of a Championship Heart (Lessons Learned From Baseball & Life), an inspirational book about the New York Yankees by well-known Tampa attorney Steve Yerrid, will be released in bookstores on May 14.

The beautifully designed and printed book uses many color photos of Yankees players past and present, many never before released. It is liberally interspersed with quotes from Yankees players and others who speak of courage winning, attitude, challenge and confidence.

The book, in hardcover with jacket, is priced at $59.95. It is dedicated to late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and his family, all of whom are longtime friends of the author. Yerrid takes a long look at the championship traditions of the New York Yankees team and players, and how those traits can influence everyone in all walks of life. "To me, there is no greater championship heart than the one that beats for the betterment of others," Yerrid said in his dedication. "It is my fervent hope that this work will be of some value in that pursuit … May all of your dreams and aspirations come true, and each day be filled with the hope of a better tomorrow."

The Making of a Championship Heart focuses on 18 key components that are often found in champions, Yerrid says. "Few, if any, among us are blessed to have them all," Yerrid says in the book. "However, the more of these ingredients possessed by the individual, the more likely a champion will be found."

The book contains an About the Author section that describes Yerrid this way:

"Steve Yerrid has played and watched sports all of his life. He has been a life-long New York Yankees fan and shared a friendship with George Steinbrenner for more than 30 years. As Chairman of the Board of the Yerrid Foundation, he supports a number of charitable causes, particularly those seeking to help children. As a trial lawyer, Mr. Yerrid has achieved great success in a career dedicated to helping those who have been wronged. He previously authored When Justice Prevails, a non-fiction work dramatically detailing some of his most significant courtroom trials, highlighted by inclusion of testimony excerpts and the actual final summations made to the jury. He continues to practice law and philanthropy while living in Tampa, Florida.